Media Literacy Podcast with KMOX

Megan Lynch called me a couple of years ago to interview me about this crazy new app called “TikTok”. I was so excited that someone from KMOX had called me that I saved the Post-It that contained her phone number. (I fangirled. Can’t lie.)

Fast forward to January 2021, and Megan calls to tell me that KMOX wants to make media literacy a priority for 2021, did I perhaps have any ideas?

Ten media literacy minutes and eight podcasts later, I’m happy to report that we *did* have a few ideas. It has been so much fun doing these with Megan…she is so sharp, so brilliant and so much fun. What a privilege it has been to start this project with her!

If you happen to hear the podcasts and have suggestions for future topics, please let us know!

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