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Media Coverage

Interviewed by Courthouse News about getting information from social media

Interviewed for “Instant Relevance” podcast about media literacy in classrooms

Featured on KSDK St Louis news

Interviewed in “Moxie Minutes with Gia” podcast

Interviewed by Morning Wave radio show in Buson, South Korea about Fake News

Article and interview in Education Dive about Media Literacy

North Carolina Times-News – What is Fake News? Lemme tell ya!

Write-Up of my visit at Elon University

The fun folks at Control Art Delete Podcast had me as a guest at #ICEIndiana18 October 2018

KWMU St Louis Public Radio – chat with Don Marsh about “Digital Wellness” and #digcitday, Sept 2018

Well-PlayEd podcast – Excited to chat with Mike Matera about gamifying my college media course

CMA Today – story on how medical assistants need training in digital literacy

Huffington Post – Interviewed me for a story about a lawsuit involving Twitter followers

KMOX in St Louis – Was super excited to talk to Carol Daniel all about social media anxiety! aired 4/23/18

North Jersey’s The Record – interviewed me on “fake news”

Elgin Community College – did a story after my visit there

Washington Post – I was interviewed for the feature they did on “fake news”.  And it was great fun. The WaPo!

Glimpse Magazine – Want to hear me rant about media literacy and the election?  This is the opportunity!

Catholic St Louis Magazine –  Thrilled that this magazine asked me to write an article about healthy social media use.  Thankfully, I was able to pull myself off Twitter long enough to write it.  #irony

KWMU St Louis Public Radio Nov 2016 –  My buddy Natasha Casey (who teaches media literacy at Blackburn College) and I were guests on Don Marsh’s program, discussing ways to decipher what is real and what is not during an election year.

St Louis Review – I spoke at the Catholic Health & Safety Summit about the anxieties that social media apps cause teenagers and one of the reporters was there for a nice write-up

KWMU St Louis Public Radio – I was a guest on Don Marsh’s program “St Louis On the Air“, discussing how media literacy is so important during election years and how fake information spreads so quickly online.

Fox 2 News – My book and I were featured in the “St Louis MOMS” segment, explaining why parents need to help their kids with media literacy.  Great fun in the studio during the Fox 2 Morning Show

Edwardsville Intelligencer – feature article on the digital citizenship talk I gave at my grade school alma mater (weird being back there and NOT wearing a blue-plaid jumper!)

Principal Center Radio Podcast  – interviewed by Justin Baeder regarding how everyone agrees that media literacy is important but nobody knows where to “put it” in the curriculum

Teachercast.Net – interviewed by Jeff Bradbury on ways to incorporate media literacy into ANY classroom regardless of age or subject

Cultivating Greatness Podcast – hosted by John Otterstedt, this podcast focused on how media literacy is not media bashing – and it’s also not simply having iPads in the classroom

Fox 2 News Twitter Story – a St Louis City employee sent out tweets from a city account, linking to Hillary Clinton’s fundraising page.  Twice.  So Fox2 asked me for my opinion on ways organizations can help their employees with best digital practices.

EduRoadTrip!  My pals at EduRoadTrip interviewed me about ways to get media literacy education into every classroom.  And we had a ton of fun in the process.

Talking Social Studies Podcast – So much fun talking with social studies teachers about media literacy and verifying sources!

“Digital Truth” podcast series – This is where I ask super smart people questions about media literacy.  They’re short media literacy nuggets.  Subscribe!


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Some of my online Resources

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My Interview at METC 2016

My Livebinder: “Media Literacy ToolKit for Teachers”  (9K views)

My Livebinder: “Tools for Verifying Online Info” (3K views)

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