Russian Disinfo Goes Hollywood

In recent days you may have seen photos of celebrities on X featuring quotes of theirs about the war in Ukraine. There’s just one problem – they’re all fake posts created by a Russian disinformation network.

No, Jennifer Aniston did not say “It’s time to forget about Ukraine” just like Lionel Messi never said “Ukraine no longer exists.”

This disinformation network, which goes by the name PravdaEN, is responsible for creating fifty fake celebrity quotes on the platform as well as re-tweeting more than 120K of those same posts. The posts were in English, French, German and Polish and attempt to sway public opinion…not just about Ukraine but about the European Parliament as well.

As far as disinformation campaigns go, it’s rather clever because it plays on the West’s obsession with celebrities and the photos themselves are legit – just the quotes are not.

There’s really no barrier to this type of disinformation production – anyone can create anything that looks legit. And the platforms aren’t legally responsible for anything posted on them by a third party. So this is yet another example of you we need to be skeptical of ALL messages on social media platforms, even if they feature an attractive celebrity.

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