What Others Have Said:


You are fun to listen to. Your knowledge and easy going nature made the hour fly by.

Great session, both in content and delivery. Your manner shows you to be a thoughtful teacher: standing at the door to greet people as they came and left; walking around the entire room while speaking. It is obvious how much you care about the subject and how important it is for our society. Thanks!

Possibly the best session I went to at CUE18. Learned new things, gained ideas that are practical to use immediately.

“Your presentation skills were amazing – my two colleagues and I were all really impressed at how entertaining you were during a day where it was easy to zone out due to info overload. This is especially tough with a room full of teachers, so kudos to you!” – Krista Gardziella, Gary School


You are nothing short of amazing.  You may very well be the most impressive speaker at NISOD this year.

Thank you this was the best session I have been to this year!!

I have to say your presentation was fabulous! It was my first session of the conference and a wonderful way to start things off.

Loved your ideas, your energy, and your cheerful willingness to share. Best wishes as you continue to share you wisdom.  You do have “the goods!

I just wanted to thank you personally for your presentation “Fact or Fiction? Bogus or Bonafide? Activate Your Classroom’s Internal Lie Detector”.  Your presentation was engaging, informative, and inspiring.


From 9th grade boys:

“She was fun. I liked how she never used the word cyber bullying”  
“She was very involved and a great speaker talking to our point of view”
“She was enthusiastic and was super confident! She shouldn’t change a thing”

Hello.  I was in your session yesterday afternoon in Wichita.  I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the wonderful information!  You were a delight to listen to and learn from.  The session was informative, useful, enlightening, and valuable.  I am so happy that I was able to be in that room! 

“The segment by Julie Smith was the best of the entire conference.”

“Julie Smith’s session was packed, fun, fast and I walked away with TOOLS. Her energy was amazing, it was unlike any conference session I’ve attended. Wish she had given five more sessions, frankly.”

‘”Julie Smith’s session was by far the best I attended. She was engaging, utilized the tools she was presenting in the presentation, and provided numerous strategies for utilizing technology in the classroom. She also seemed to be the only one ahead of the curve, meaning she was well versed in innovative methods rather than strategies that seemed somewhat outdated.”

“Julie’s passion was contagious and I loved her engagement.

Thank you, Julie.  This was probably one of the best sessions of the conference!!!”


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