AI Friendships

AI has been all over the news ~ about how it can do everything from generate videos to help us cheat on essay assignments.

But a recent study shows that many are turning to AI for something unexpected: companionship. Especially teens.

AI-generated chatbots are so good at mimicking human conversation that some are turning to these for advice and friendship. There’s one platform, CharacterAI, that lets users interact with personas modeled after movie characters or real people. Imagine asking Han Solo for advice? Or Michelangelo? These sites are super sticky – the average visit is more than two hours at a time!

With the New York Times saying that GenZ prefers to get info from faces rather than words – it’s not a surprise that many from that generation are even turning to AI sites for mental and emotional health advice. Psychologists are worried that AI sites have the potential to give wrong diagnoses ~ and of course all of this can become addicting and restrict real-world interactions.

One thing’s for sure – AI is growing faster than we can keep track of its effects.

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