Social Media Anxiety

If you’ve found yourself on social media platforms consuming loads of bad news, whether pandemic-related, the economy, or even the weather – you may have been doomscrolling. Doomscrolling is consuming a ton of news and information on social media platforms even if it’s depressing.

Researchers have found that this activity – while it satisfies our natural human curiosity and can make us feel connected – can actually lead to feelings of depression, anxiety or isolation.

And it’s not just the “bad” news that can affect us. Maybe we feel like we don’t measure up, or fear we are missing out on some activity.

While online platforms can provide an escape, many studies have shown that too much time doomscrolling or doomsurfing can lead to increased anxiety.

What to do? Some scientists suggest limiting our consumption time. At the very least, judge if the activity causes you more joy or more stress and respond accordingly.

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