Fake News Resources for Teachers

Resources to Help You Get Started:

Super fun to have everyone jumping on the “fake news” bandwagon – we media literacy folks have been barking about this for YEARS! ¬† Welcome! =)

In no particular order, here are some resources on fake news, fake news creation and how to identify it.  Remember, even if it looks real, you should still double-check.

How to Spot Fake News:

Common Sense Media


USA Today

Washington Post

International Federation of Library Associations


Fairly Well-Documented Fake News Sites:

Fake News Sites to Avoid

Fake News Lesson Plans:

From PBS


From the New York Times

From Edutopia

From C-Span

Other Cool Resources on this topic:

The Psychology Behind Fake News

Why Our Brains are Wired to Believe Fake News

How a Kid in Macedonia Makes Thousands Creating Fake News

Inside the Macedonian Fake News Machine

Fake News Resources from Renee Hobbs

Ways Teachers are Fighting Fake News

News-Decoder article from Nelson Graves

My pal Michelle Ciulla Lipkin on CNN’s Reliable Sources!

School Library Journal

News Literacy Project

Some Tools I Use to Evaluate Online Info:

11 Tools to Verify Online Information

Twitter Accounts worth Following:





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