Fake News Sites & Sources to Avoid:

There are hundreds of “news” sites online that spread false and misleading information.  After doing a bit of research, I’ve come up with a list of the worst offenders.

The most interesting thing is that the source of these “articles” is sometimes suprising!

This is NOT a complete list.  You might consider an elderly relative or the crazy person in class next to you as news sources to avoid, and you may be right.  But these sites in the list below usually list themselves as “satires” without any satirical material at all.   Consume at your own risk.

National Report

Daily Currant

Civic Tribune

Denver Guardian

World News Daily Report

WIT Science

Eagle Rising

Occupy Democrats

Freedom Daily

World Politicus

You may look at a few of these sites and think “Who in the world would believe any of this?”

But remember:  the drama of an election, the polarization of our nation and the echo chambers of our social media circles are the perfect recipe for believing what we want to be true.

Don’t be tempted by click bait.  Check sources, get your news from a multitude of sources and acknowledge the baggage you bring to the equation. And for Pete’s sake – don’t give “fake” news any attention.

It only encourages them.

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