The “Dead Internet” Theory

With all the talk of AI and bots, it might be time to revisit a theory that’s been floating around: the “Dead Internet” theory.

Of course the internet feels very alive on our screens – but the “Dead Internet” theory claims that the human-generated content that once filled with web has been primarily replaced with artificially created content. In other words, very little of what we see online is created by humans and no longer offers use the personal connection we once enjoyed.

The Atlantic, for example, claims that 52% of the accounts on social media platforms are bots. So much of what we consume online is AI-generated it has its own name as well – “AI slime”.

The issue isn’t that some of us tend to believe the content – the “Dead Internet” theory claims that AI content and bots are really just communicating with other AI content and bots. We sit and watch this, oblivious to the fact that no living humans are involved. In fact, Europol says experts believe as much as 90% of online content maybe synthetically generated by 2026. 90%!

So the internet might not be dead, but it sure seems to be on life support.

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