Media Literacy Resources

I don’t typically share my slides but I’m very happy to put together a list of wonderful media literacy resources for all age levels and topics.

This list is NOT complete by any means – I would suggest also following the #medialiteracy tag on Twitter and Instagram to find what people are currently talking about.

Groups Worth Checking Out:

NAMLE – National Association for Media Literacy Education

International Council for Media Literacy

Association for Media Literacy

Media Education Lab

Media Literacy Now

News Literacy Project

Critical Media Project

Common Sense Media

Center for Media Literacy

Shaping Youth

Media Smarts

AdFontes Media

Media & Learning

Journalism Education Association

Center for News Literacy

Project Look Sharp

Poynter Institute

Sites Worth Checking Out:

Texas A&M Research Library on Media/Info Literacy

The Newseum is closed but their site lives on

From CA Dept of Education

We Teach NYC Media Literacy Toolkit

UNESCO’s Resource List

List from the Video Librarian

Edutopia list

Frank Baker’s Media Literacy Clearinghouse

What the Media Podcast with KMOX

and my NON-TEXTBOOK starter kit book for parents & teachers: Master the Media

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