What happens #inbetween ?


Last week in class we were discussing the article “Can We Stop Shaming Each Other For Being Fake Online and Admit that Social Media Is Performative?

An exceptionally bright student spoke up about her experiences when she was studying abroad in Thailand last year. She posted gorgeous, fabulous photos of her semester. But, she said, that wasn’t the whole story.

“I felt pressure to act like the semester was going perfect so I posted great photos. I never shared what was happening in between those photos. I was miserable.”

And a hashtag was born.

My classes and I are going to start sharing what happens #inbetween the great stuff we post, and we’d like you to do the same.  Let’s keep it real. All of this performing is making us exhausted , anxious and feel like we don’t measure up.  Let’s talk about what happens #inbetween.

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