Moving Forward After a Conference….

I just returned from NAMLE19 in Washington DC, where I was surrounded by media literacy people for three straight days. In other words, I was in heaven.
This feature, however, is also a bug. Clearly we all love media literacy or we wouldn’t be there. But are we preaching to the choir?

Of course we are.

One of the sessions I led involved SELLING media literacy to the people who weren’t there. THEY should be a future audience for us to consider as media literacy advocates.

K12 school districts. PTAs. Church groups. Knight of Columbus. Toastmasters. Local libraries. Superintendent organizations. State agencies.

How do we advance the field if we are only talking to each other?

In response to my session, I’m building a Google Drive folder where I will share all of my “sales” materials. If you are passionate about media literacy, please share that passion. All of the work we do promoting media literacy means nothing if we only talk to each other. WE MUST SHARE!

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward After a Conference….

  1. Hi Julie – any chance there was a recording made of you speaking to the presentation?

    1. HI Helen!
      I’m not aware of any recording that might exist…I’ve been thinking about doing a YouTube clip where I rant about it though!! 😉

  2. Thanks Julie – Washington was a long way from New Zealand, but I’d be keen to watch out for a clip.

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